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Celebrating and uplifting women leaders across the world 


We believe that women are our past, our present and our future. We know that women across the globe work tirelessly everyday to push for change, solve the world’s stickiest problems, raise our families, and uplift our communities with purpose, loving care, and continuous commitment.

Yet, we also recognize that our systems have not been designed by or for us and that these systems often purposefully seek to hold us down or erase us from history. If we are not careful or aware of their impact, we may digest and internalize these negative societal and familial messages of what we can or can’t accomplish as women.
And sometimes we even end up holding ourselves back.

So we developed our
She Shines LeadHers programs to celebrate, uplift, and strengthen our power and confidence as women to make the changes we want to see in our lives and our communities. We aim to spotlight and highlight the tremendous work that current and aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs are doing all over the world.


Together, let us seek to be the change we want to see in the world.

And let’s do something radical in the process  - 

learn to be our own best friends and greatest advocates.



Welcome! My name is Cristina Bernardo Kullberg and I am the founder of She Shines Worldwide. I created She Shines Worldwide, alongside other certified multinational coaches, to celebrate and uplift female leaders and entrepreneurs.  I aim to support women leaders, and current and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them find the inner strength, confidence, and wisdom they need to make change both in their communities and in their lives.


I work with inspired individuals who can see where they want to get, but often stumble along the way with self-doubt, indecision, work/life balance, or the pressure of mounting societal, familial, and cultural expectations.


Offered through our 3-month cohort, individual workshops, and one on one coaching, I hope that every one who crosses our path can find a program that is right for them, and their budget.

Accessibility and equity are two of our most important values, and I aim to support every woman on her journey at the price point that works for her. 

Join our Women’s leadership programs today

to start, ignite, or invigorate your own leadership journey!

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Group Coaching

Group coaching workshops on building women leaders from the inside out through the ABC's of confidence.

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One on One


Our programs feature 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our founder, Cristina, and certified women coaches who bring lived experience.


Ongoing Meetups

One on one meetups with other incredible women for greater support!

 Meet our 

Women LeadHers in the spotlight 



Then join our


 for resources, learning materials, connection, and monthly peer to peer learning group.

Meet incredible women leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to share our successes, our challenges, our opportunities, and our potential to lift one another up!

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